Monday, January 10, 2022

Sweet Sensations!

We have a New IWSG Anthology!
Can't believe we are on lucky number SEVEN. And there was a record number of entries this year. Fantastic! It's exciting to see so many writers keeping their creativity flowing and in the fray.

So CONGRATULATIONS to the New IWSG Anthology Authors in FIRST LOVE, The Art of Making Doughnuts...  A fun, fitting title for this year's Sweet Romance and First Love Theme.

The Art of Making Doughnuts - Linda Budzinski
Paper Faces - Sylvia Ney
The Real Thing - Sammi Spizziri
My Heart Approves - Melissa Maygrove
Oliver’s Girl - Michael Di Gesu
Clyde and Coalesce - Kim Elliot
My First Love(s) - Templeton Moss
How to Save a Princess - Katie Klein
The Castle of Ohno - SE White
Marmalade Sunset - Denise Covey

Looks scrumptuous! Can't wait to sink my teeth into some Sweet Stories.

Stay tuned to meet the authors and hear more about their tempting first love tales.