Monday, July 11, 2022

Summer of Writing

Writers never stop writing... Here we get a glimpse at what the authors from our latest anthology FIRST LOVE are up to. I'm sure they will whet your appetite for a fantastic future read by giving you a taste of their writing personality...

I'm taking a break before starting my next novel and writing a novelette that will be free to my newsletter subscribers. I don't write insta-love romance, so it has been both a challenge and a delight, drafting a shorter, less-complicated book.
~ Melissa Maygrove, "My Heart Approves"

I’m currently working on a screenplay. Lately, I’ve been writing screenplays and then using them as a treatment/foundation for a novel. This will be the third project I’ve completed like that. It’s a romance, of course, and while I haven’t quite nailed down the logline yet, the gist of the story is: a celebrity musician suffering from a very public/humiliating break-up returns home to hide out only to fall for her best friend from high school, who’s now a single dad. 
~ Katie Klein, "How to Save a Princess"

I’ve spent six months editing book two of my YA superhero trilogy, Heart of a Hero. The more I change, the more ideas I get. It’s a totally different (and better) book now. My characters had it too easy in the first draft, so I added some PAIN. I won’t give spoilers, but readers should prepare to shed tears! My beta readers will receive the manuscript by the end of July, and I aim to publish late summer. Then it’s on to book three…
~ Kim Elliott, "Clyde and Coalesce"

I have three projects started, and I hope you will help me decide which one to focus on completing first. Please let me know in the comments which one you would like to see the most. I welcome feedback, questions, and ideas!

Story #1: “Moving On” is a contemporary romance. Zach Sanders is tired of being fixed up by his best friend Joe. He isn’t enjoying the dating scene, and in fact, can’t get over his forbidden crush: Joe’s sister Katherine. When Katherine moves back to town and sparks fly, will they be able to create a meaningful relationship, or is he doomed to remain single forever? 

Story #2: “Praying for Death” is a murder mystery. Detective Henry Spence is looking into a string of seven murders that have all happened over the course of the last year. The only connection between all seven victims is a single woman who has an alibi for five of the deaths. Is Sabrina Heigel merely unfortunate enough to know these victims, or worse yet, is she somehow becoming a serial killer? 

Story #3: “Saving Grace” is a fantasy short story, a series about empaths. While excavating an ancient cave, archeologist Grace Marten uncovers a hidden treasure. Now the brotherhood, a centuries old enemy of the empaths, will stop at nothing to retrieve one item in particular and silence her forever. Damon De Santis offers her aid, but does she dare trust him with her life? 
~ Sylvia Ney, "Paper Faces"

I'm super excited to say that my current work in progress is... The Art of Making Doughnuts! I fell in love with the characters in my short story for the anthology, so I'm working on turning it into a novel! I am expanding the story (obviously) and also writing it in dual point of view, so we can learn more about Pete and his backstory and experience his emotional arc as well as Gina's. My day job is particularly busy these days, so the writing is going very slowly, but I'm taking my time
and enjoying the writing.
~ Linda Budzinski, "The Art of Making Doughnuts"

I have published 6 books, and this is the book that has excited me from the get go. I’ve been playing with taglines to encapsulate the story, working title, Le Petit Paris Kitchen Cookery School. Let me share what I have so far…

“Drama, romance, and passion are layered, flavoured, tasted, left to simmer, not unlike the traditional French recipes scattered throughout the book.”

“Food, love, passion for Paris, combined with characters layered with shades of darkness combined with a good measure of charisma.”

“More than cooking goes on in this kitchen.”

“Absolutely delicious … like a warm hug.”

“If you love reading about food, Paris, love, feisty characters, this is a book you will relish.”

~ Denise Covey, "Marmalade Sunset"

My last book release was 2013 – How to Publish and Promote Your Book Now, based on my experience as a publisher and the book publishing and promoting seminars I teach. (And I’ve since updated it, too.) However, my next book project has been in the making since 2015 since I have been so busy with Dancing Lemur Press book releases. Those come first, so time to work on my own stuff has been scarce.

After the release of Alex J. Cavanaugh’s book, CassaDark, I’ve had some time to revisit my project and work on it. I’m happy to say the novelettes that comprise In Darkness are coming together. The Vampire is with our editor. The Werewolf is next. I am on the second draft of The Shark. Then I will finish and polish The Alien. And who knows? Maybe I can solve the saggy middle issue and The Ghost will become a reality, too. Either way, it is such a joy to be writing again!
~ L. Diane Wolfe, owner of Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of what's up and coming. May you be inspired to read and write to your heart's desire this summer!