Monday, February 14, 2022

Love is in the air...

Happy Cupid Day!

Time to spread some love... a few of the authors of FIRST LOVE, IWSG Anthology #7 would like to share some lovely thoughts about how they and/or their characters romanticize Valentine's Day!

Delicate Delights from Sylvia Ney
In 1912 Louisiana at the turn of the 20th century, postcards became a popular way of sending Valentine greetings. So, it's very likely they would have sent their loved ones something like what you see here. They also traded flowers, fat red hearts full of chocolates, heart-shaped cookies and cakes, stick candy, and even nuts. As socialites, the main characters in PAPER FACES, James and Helen would be extremely busy on Valentine's Day. They would have held a themed party that included dinners with favors, sweet treats as mentioned above, plus the exchange of those cards. However, they would also have found some private time to celebrate just the two of them.

Love at Third Sight by Templeton Moss
For me, Valentine’s Day is Jack Benny Day because one of my all-time favorite comedians was born on February 14th, 1894. And here is a favorite true life love story concerning this star of stage, screen, radio and television:

    It all started in 1921 when Zeppo Marx invited fellow vaudevillian Jack Benny to a Passover seder for his for fourteen-year-old cousin Sadie. The young girl desperately tried to appear grownup and kept fawning over Jack, who was twice her age and found her attentions embarrassing. 
    Five years later, they were set up on a blind date. Sadie was about the most beautiful girl Jack had ever seen, and he didn’t make the connection to the annoying young seder. Sadie remembered Jack and treated him coolly. When Jack found out where she worked, he went to see her every single day. But she told him he had to buy something if he wanted to hang around, so he bought stockings from her each and every day, helping her set all-time sales records for her department. Finally, they were married, and Sadie asked her new husband if he remembered attending a seder with Zeppo Marx.
    “I’ll never forget it,” said Jack. “There was some silly little girl…all dressed up in her sister’s clothes.”
    “That silly little girl is your wife, Jack.”

Timeless Romance by Melissa Maygrove
Mr. John Harding is the hero of MY HEART APPROVES. He would do the same as any wealthy man in 1865 and order an exquisite Valentine's Day card from The New England Valentine Company run by Esther Howland. Mr. Harding would spare no expense choosing a card with lines of verse as well as ribbons, hidden doors, and layers of gilded lace. It would cost an entire dollar, but John wouldn't care. He would happily purchase it and present it to his beloved Adelaide on a moonlit terrace at Lindmoor, his Portland estate.

Sweets & Snuggles with Kim Elliot
My husband knows me better than anyone, which is why I suspect he’ll give me a dozen assorted Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Valentine’s Day. For his gift, I usually bake a batch of his favorite shortbread cookies cut into heart shapes with strawberry jam centers. Our gifts may sound like a lot of sugar, but we have to share with the kids too. After putting the little ones to bed, we’ll order from our favorite sushi place, cuddle on the couch, and watch Star Trek: DS9. I love being married to a fellow nerd!

Love Every Day from Denise Covey
When you're in a loving relationship, Valentine's Day is every day, not just one day of the year. My characters have never celebrated Valentine's Day, perhaps because I don't, but at WEP (Write...Edit...Publish), an online writing community I co-run, we always offer a prompt in February which can be an ode to Valentine's Day... or not, depending on the writer's attitude to romance.

We hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day
Be with those you love and show them love every day!