Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Favorite Online Writing Resources (Not the IWSG) ~ Part 1

Today, as writers, we literally have the world at our fingertips.  With our computers we can access resources on a level unimaginable a generation ago: the world's best libraries and museums, much of humanity's knowledge across every field, information about people, places, and events from the earliest times to the current moment.  If we need help, guidance, or mentors we can find them online.  Sometimes the most difficult part is deciding where to begin.

As members of the IWSG we can access information about most aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing, share our knowledge and experience, and encourage and support each other as writers.  This is an excellent foundation, but where do we go beyond the IWSG's resources?  This week and next the authors featured in the 2020 Insecure Writer's Support Group anthology Voyagers:  The Third Ghost are sharing some favorite online writing resources beyond the IWSG.  Jump in and discover what great online resources our Voyager authors have found!    

Favorite Online Writing Resources ...

Katharina Gerlach
"Winter Days"

Online Writing Resources 
The most comprehensive site with tons of free resources, a free Flash Fiction course, and the only course on revision that I ever found useful is the one by writer Holly Lisle. Her free articles can be found here ( and her courses are available here ( Her way of teaching resonates with me, she never tries to sell you anything (although lots of students are course collectors because the courses are so helpful), and she's often giving personal feedback in the form (which is the most writer friendly forum in the world).

Although Katharina Gerlach was born in the late sixties, she’s still a child at heart. She inherited her love of fairy tales and words from her mother, an ex-secretary and avid reader, and her love of all things nature and science from her father, an ex-forester. Memories of her rather interesting life in Germany flow back at the smallest trigger, even though she tends to merge her three brothers into one when she tells stories about their childhood adventures. And more often than not, she recalls events truthfully.

Sherry Ellis
"The Ghosts of Pompeii"

Online Writing Resource
My favorite online writing resource is Jane Friedman's blog: She shares everything from writing tips to marketing tips. 

Ellis' books include Don't Feed the Elephant; Ten Zany Birds; That Mama is a Grouch; That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN; Bubba and Squirt's Big Dig to China; and Bubba and Squirt's Mayan Adventure. 

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about her work, she invites you to visit her websites at and

L.T. Ward
"Return to Cahokia"

Online Writing Resources
Aside from the IWSG for online writing resources, I like to hit up two additional places for writing connections and learning. The first for me is Twitter. Of course, there are pitfalls being that it is social media, but I have found many beta readers, publishing opportunities, as well as watched industry trends on the platform. The second is The Submission Grinder. It's a fantastic website that allows writers to search for different publications for submissions. As I love writing short stories, The Submission Grinder has been a wonderful tool in helping me learn of worldwide opportunities.

LT writes mostly speculative fiction shorts and novels while spending her days raising her children and satisfying her never-ending thirst for knowledge through reading, meeting people, and first-hand life experiences. She has publications with Dancing Lemur Press and Me First Magazine while querying her first novel and writing another. She currently volunteers as a social media coordinator and content provider for WriteHive, an online writers’ conference.

Rebecca M. Douglass
"A World of Trouble"

Online Writing Resources
I’ll just list one, which is The Story-Reading Ape blog.  Chris sifts through lots of stuff and reposts many helpful blogs. Sometimes it’s a lot in my feed, but I can easily find things that really help me out! In the past, I also got a lot from the weekly writing prompts Chuck Wendig posted ( He doesn’t do it anymore, but finding a regular writing challenge that pushes you out of your comfort zone is a great way to grow as a writer!

Rebecca is the author of the delightful Ninja Librarian books, as well as a picture book for outdoor families, a mystery series for the parents, and her middle-grade fantasy, Halitor the Hero.  After more than seventeen years working at the library, she has retired still without learning all the secrets of the Ninja Librarian.

Yvonne Ventresca
"The Third Ghost"

Online Writing Resources
One online writing resource I highly recommend is Jane Friedman’s site, She offers a wealth of information about a variety of topics, such as author websites, online marketing, and book promotion. Her site also includes an excellent one-page summary of publishing options: If you have questions about the business of publishing, this is a great place to find answers.

Yvonne Ventresca is the award-winning author of Black Flowers, White Lies (IPPY Gold Medal for National YA fiction) and Pandemic (SCBWI’s Crystal Kite Award).  In addition to her novels, Yvonne’s other work includes two nonfiction books and several short stories selected for anthologies, including the previous IWSG anthology, Hero Lost: Mysteries of Death and Life.  She is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts. You can learn more at, where she features resources for writers.

Coming on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 . . .
Next week more of our authors will share favorite online resources beyond The Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Till next time ~
Fundy Blue 

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A couple of those are new to me - thanks!
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I'm looking forward to checking these resources out, Alex. No, you didn't send yours ~ but there is still next week!!!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Jane Friedman has some good stuff!

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So I'm learning, Diane! Take care!

Roland Clarke said...

I echo all these, although my 'gurus' will be different next week. Rebecca Douglas is spot on when she says, "...The Story-Reading Ape blog." as I find most of Chris's reposts are ones I follow.

Fundy Blue said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your references, Roland! Take care, my friend!

Sherry Ellis said...

How funny that Yvonne and I both like the Jane Friedmann blog. That's a sign it's a good one!

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I've signed up for her blog. Two for one ~ that's a great recommendation. All the best to you, Sherry!

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More places to explore!

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