Wednesday, March 11, 2020

In the Spotlight: Rebecca Douglass ~ Author of "A World of Trouble"

Over the coming weeks, the IWSG Anthology blog will be featuring posts
from each of the authors in Voyager: The Third Ghost.
Our author today is Rebecca Douglass.

Rebecca Douglass on her short story "A World of Trouble"

Starting with a true story ... My IWSG Anthology story, "A World of Trouble," began with history. Not just any history, but personal, family history. Quite a few years back, I set out to write what amounted to a novelized biography of my grandmother. Grandma’s life was pretty interesting: born in 1900 in Nebraska, in 1904 she and her family fled vile weather and farming conditions, ending up in the Spokane area. Four years later, the family moved across Washington State by covered wagon. That’s right. In 1908, my grandmother and her family’s "relocation service" was to put a cover on their farm wagon, hitch the buggy to the back of that, harness their draft horses to the whole rig, and drive some 150 miles over rough dirt "roads." It wasn’t the Oregon Trail—but it always amazed and fascinated me that they traveled like that. It was a story that cried out to be shared. Writing a story based in true events turned out to be hard. Real life isn’t usually as dramatic as fiction, and it seldom holds together in as neat a plot curve. I struggled with "Grandma’s book" for years, each iteration moving farther from her life as I knew it, until I renamed the characters, took the basic framework of her stories, and began to construct a real novel. I still don’t have one I’m happy with, but turning it fully into fiction gave me the freedom I needed to write strong stories. "A World of Trouble" is part of that story-world. The germ of the idea was a story my grandmother told me once, about her dad deciding that it was worth driving the whole family 20 miles up the river to see a real live aeroplane. But while I loved that Great-Granddaddy thought that was important enough to take a day off working, nothing really happened. I had to take that story-nugget and invent a real story. What Mattie Scott did isn’t much like anything Grandma ever did (or at least, it’s not like anything she ever admitted to me). In fact, the air show turned out to be the least important part of the story, as Mattie’s adventure got her into "a world of trouble." My take-away from the project is that the best story will happen when you take the seeds you’re given—and let your imagination loose on it. I kept the thing that delighted me—and gave my character the chance to do what she would do, unconstrained by any need to keep to the facts. The result is a story I am proud to have in the IWSG anthology, Voyagers: The Third Ghost.


Rebecca Douglass grew up
in Idaho, Arizona, and Washington states,
and now lives and writes
in California. 

Her imagination resides
where it pleases,
in and out of this world.

Her passions include backpacking, hiking, books, swimming, biking, and moderately adventurous travel. 

Rebecca has two grown sons and a husband with whom she travels. 

Rebecca is the author of the delightful Ninja Librarian books, as well as a picture book for outdoor families, a mystery series for the parents, and her middle-grade fantasy, Halitor the Hero. After more than seventeen years working at the library, she has retired still without learning all the secrets of the Ninja Librarian.

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Rebecca is truly out of reach today, as her post is published. She has set sail for Antarctica. Assuming she doesn't die of sea-sickness, she'll be back on land and back to the internet in a couple of weeks. Feel free to leave comments, and Fundy Blue will respond to them. And likely, Rebecca will check in with her post once she is back.

Coming on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 . . .

Next up is Beth Schuck who shares her backstory for "The Orchard," a tale in which Nels, the young protagonist, has magical powers that connect her to nature.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoy your voyage to Antarctica, Rebecca.
I'm sure your grandmother would've gotten a kick out of your story.

Fundy Blue said...

Thanks for supporting Rebecca, Alex! Her grandmother would be proud of her. Grandparents are some of our best cheerleaders. This anthology's theme produced a variety of intriguing stories. I can't wait to read it!

Katharina Gerlach said...

Wow, Antarctica! That sounds like (very cold) fun.
The aeroplane story sound like something my grandad would have done in the same situation. Looking forward to reading it.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

It's just crazy to think that people were still in wagons drawn by horses 100 years ago.

Enjoy your visit to Antarctica. I hope you see lots of penguins.

Fundy Blue said...

Thanks for supporting Rebecca, Katharina! I'll bet that if you looked into each of our backgrounds, you'd find adventurous grandparents and great-grandparents. I'm looking forward to enjoying Rebecca's story!

Fundy Blue said...

Hi, Diane! Thanks for stopping by today! The world has certainly changed in the past century. Thanks, also, for all the hard work you are doing to support us as authors! I'm rooting for lots of penguins and a great reception for Rebecca's story.

Sherry Ellis said...

So true- ideas from stories come from seeds. It's amazing what a little creativity can do with them! Congratulations on being accepted in the anthology!

Roland Clarke said...

Fascinating seeds from your grandparents, Rebecca. I want to know more - more beyond an intriguing short story.

Fundy Blue said...

Definitely congratulations to Rebecca! Thanks for reading her post today, Sherry!

Fundy Blue said...

I agree, Roland! I want to know more beyond Rebecca's short story! You've been supportive of everyone, and I really appreciate it! I'm sure that we all do!

Bish Denham said...

Family history can be so fascinating! I'm looking forward to reading your story.

Fundy Blue said...

Thanks for supporting Rebecca, Bish!

Rebecca M. Douglass said...

Maybe one day I’ll get the whole story in a condition to be published!

Rebecca M. Douglass said...

Thank you so much to everyone who checked in and offered support here! I really appreciate it, especially as I turned out to be even more isolated for longer than intended! I’ll have my own story to write up, as we spent an extra week at sea looking for a port that would take us. We ended up disembarking in Montevideo, Uruguay, a long way from Antarctica!

Oh, and yes, I did nearly die of seasickness, or at least pretty much wished I would. 72 hours without eating or drinking much of anything... suffice to say I will not be doing any more cruises anytime soon!

Fundy Blue said...

Thanks for the update, Rebecca! Please take care and stay safe!