Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Story Spotlight #2: Jennifer Lane's Behind the Catcher's Mask

Hey, writers and readers! I'm Jennifer Lane, author of the second short story in the next Insecure Writers Support Group anthology, Masquerade: Oddly Suited.

Sports have been a big part of my life. I started year-round competitive swimming at age eight and went on to swim and play volleyball in college.

These experiences drew me write in the genre of sports romance, including novels about swimming and volleyball:

When I learned about the theme for the anthology: young adult romance featuring a masquerade/mask theme, an image implanted in my mind:

*Smoldering blue eyes staring from behind his baseball catcher's mask.*

This vision guided my story, Behind the Catcher's Mask:

Who can help her through a meltdown on the pitcher's mound?

Fast-pitch softball is Andie Wilson’s life. She’s a fierce pitcher hoping to score a college scholarship, and she hates the annoying distraction of cocky baseball players crashing her high-school charity game. But she doesn’t anticipate the impact of one baseball player: Colt Turner. As Colt stares at her through his catcher’s mask, his steadfast gaze may be just what she needs to guide her through a crisis. And Colt may need Andie, too—to cope with the secret hiding behind his mask.

Excerpt from Behind the Catcher's Mask:

Colt signals for a fastball, and I deliver a screamer. He doesn’t even pause before he returns the ball to me. Didn’t he think that was a good one? I throw a devious screwball, then execute a wicked wrist snap for my dropball. When he signals for a riseball, I pause.

“Wait a minute—how do you know riseballs? They don’t have those in baseball, right?”

He slides his mask up to rest on the top of his head as he rises. “My sister’s a softball pitcher, too. Eighth grade. I made her throw to me to get ready for today.”

Well, that’s kind of cool. I’m touched he cares enough about this co-ed charity game to do that.

“You’re a lot better than her, though.” His eyes glimmer in the sunlight, and he shakes his catcher’s mitt like his hand stings from the force of my pitches. “Ow. Not sure they should call it softball.”

My laugh relaxes me, and he smiles as he covers his face with the mask again. I’ll show you a riseball, Mr. Turner. I whip my arm around as I catapult forward, and the ball skates up just as it passes over the plate. Unhittable for sure.

~ * ~

Psychologist/author (psycho author) Jennifer Lane invites you to her world of romance, sports, and suspense! By day she’s a therapist, and by night she’s a writer—she can’t decide which is more fun. Jen lives in Ohio and parlays her college swimming and volleyball experience into earnest characters striving for more in love and life.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They say write what you know, and you know sports!

L.G. Keltner said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your excerpt! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your story!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Mmm, nice! Looking forward to the story, Jennifer! :)

Anstice Brown said...

Fantastic excerpt! I can feel the chemistry between them.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I wasn't into sports as much as you, but my series features quite a few. It's a fun avenue to explore.

Jemi Fraser said...

Love it! And love the unique take on the theme - can't wait to read the entire story - especially as I'm another sports fan!

Jennifer Lane said...

Alex, I do enjoy sports as a metaphor for life, and sports have given me so much.

LG, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by and doing great marketing work for the anthology.

Jennifer Lane said...

Anstice, I'm pleased to hear that.

L. Diane, what sports do you write about? So fun!

Jemi, my take on the theme might be a stretch but it was quite fun to write.