Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Story Spotlight #3: Deborah Solice's Fearless Heart

Writing is an adventure. It is a story, too, of course, but we, as authors, take that trip, experience all the twists, turns, and possibilities before we invite our readers to share in the adventure. As authors, we explore different avenues and tools that work best with the telling of our stories. For the most part, these adventures do not end as we thought they would when we began them. However, that doesn’t really matter. What matters are the experiences themselves.

After reading several paranormal (time travel, ghost) stories, I was inspired to write a short story. I cannot explain it, but Savvi Jo and Sam’s story began playing like a movie in my mind. The characters carried me through from the heartbreaking beginning to the hopeful ending. FEARLESS HEART came to be because my characters gave me a story to write.

I wasn’t certain how it would connect to the Masquerade theme, but in an ‘oddly suited’ way, it did. I won’t give away the story line, but when you read FEARLESS HEART, you will see that connection. Before I submitted the manuscript to the contest, I questioned myself repeatedly. I knew I loved the story and characters, but would anyone else? Was it good enough? I mean, why would anyone want to read my writing? But, you know what? Authors from around the world and forever throughout time ask and have asked themselves those very questions. All I could do was put it out there. And I’m so glad that I did.

Savvi Jo and Sam meet through a tragedy and will forever be connected to one another because of it. I hope you enjoy these two as much as I have.



When a young girl faces the most tragic night of her life, a hero materializes out of nowhere to rescue and watch over her. But, is he a figment of her imagination conjured to keep her sane or is he something else…something more?


My heart still aches with the loss of my parents and I miss them every single day. But my thoughts are mostly happy ones now. I decided long ago that one night would not define me or lock away the good memories. I thrived for sixteen years because of their love and support. I still feel the love.

Amid the chaos and the losses I suffered that night, I also received a gift, one that propped me up in the years following the accident. Even now, it seems as if I was in a dream. Part nightmare, part something else.

Bathed in a warm pool of light, he stepped out of the darkness. His voice was calm and steady. I can still see and hear it all so clearly…


Avoiding the trials of living in an ‘empty nest’, Deborah Solice chose to embark on teaching adventures in the Middle East and most recently in Russia where she teaches middle schoolers. Deborah writes both adult romantic suspense and YA/NA speculative fiction. To her credit, Deborah has two short stories through anthologies on the immediate horizon and has signed on to write five full-length novels, as well. So, stay tuned!


  1. It did connect and it was good enough, so we're glad you submitted it.

  2. All you could do was put it out there and it worked!

  3. Congrats! You deserve to be recognized! Great job!

  4. Can’t wait Deb! You deserve this.

  5. So beautiful, Deborah! I can't wait to read your story!!!

  6. Way to take a risk and submit your story, Deborah! I look forward to reading how the masquerade theme ties in.

  7. Very intriguing excerpt! I can't wait to read the whole thing and find out more about Sam.


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